It is so important to us to make sure we look after the world we live in and for that reason we look at everything that we do from packaging to web hosting.

Climbing is such a great community to be a part of and there are a lot of people who have the same attitude towards the environment. We feel we have a obligation to play our part to make the world a better place.

Below are a few examples the business that we have reviewed to try and make a difference:


This was a pretty easy change to make. We spent a bit of time reviewing the options and found there are actually a few environmentally friendly options out there. We opted for a 100% green electricity provider who also provide carbon offsetting for gas. I know you are probably thinking this would be a lot more expensive and that will impact on the price for customers – actually the price is really not much more than the standard providers. We would encourage everyone to take a look when their policy’s are up for renewal.


We want to make sure that all our orders are safe and secure but also the packaging we use is as environmentally friendly as possible. This ranges from making sure as much of our packaging is recycled but also trying to use as much packaging made from recycled materials as possible.


Recycling waste is a relatively easy one and really doesn’t take a great deal more time or effort. A combination of reusing where we can, thinking about the packaging when purchasing in the first place and recycling as much waste as we can all plays a part in reducing our environmental impact.

Web Hosting

This is probably one most people don’t really think about but web hosting using a lot of energy. We wanted to make sure that our web hosting provider ticked a few important boxes. Of course security and reliability are top of the list but again there are a growing number of providers who recognise the environmental impact and offer carbon neutral solutions. We were able to find a solution that ticked all of those boxes and again wasn’t actually a great deal more than the traditional providers.