Psychi Quake Dual Fold Bouldering Pad


The Psychi Quake Dual Fold pad offers tri-layer dual density foam and a durable hardwearing outer available in various colours making it both functional and eye catching.

The tri-layer structure coupled with the removable shoulder straps means the pad to be used both ways up increasing the lifespan of the pad.

Unique to the Quake pad is a flap to keep the pad folded when on the move but also is a pocket for the Psychi foot mat and shoulder straps when not in use.

This pad also comes with velcro straps for piggybacking even more pads with you.

And one of the best features is the velcro straps allowing two pads to be connected together making it perfect for high balls.

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Open Dimensions

Length 120cm * Width 90cm * Depth 12.5cm

Closed Dimensions

Length 90cm * Width 60cm * Depth 25cm



Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions95 × 65 × 28 cm


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